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Flexible logistics to keep you moving


TankShare became the first branded spot hire road tanker service in the UK when it was launched twelve years ago.  It has won 3 major industry awards for environmental best practice and has a customer base of over 60 companies, mainly in the distributor sector. Our vehicles deliver to retail sites and commercial premises and we specialise in bridging product to inland distribution centres.

Everyone involved in the distribution of freight in the U.K. acknowledges the enormous responsibility we have for protecting our environment. The road freight industry, in particular, realises that empty running by vehicles is both costly and inefficient, and recognises that improved vehicle utilisation is a key factor to making the most of our natural resources. Multi-user services like TankShare enable greater efficiency of resources and, through improved utilisation, they reduce costs.

A Motor Transport editorial said "Shared distribution in white trucks must be the way forward for retail deliveries". We agree, but don’t see why it has to be white trucks though. Suckling Transport operates a road tanker fleet of 90 vehicles, 30 of which operate on a spot hire basis in plain white, or the TankShare livery, or in the new Love Logistics branding. Our drivers are highly trained and we have one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the industry.

The TankShare spot hire service operates from terminals along the Thames, Hythe, Avonmouth, Bedworth and Grangemouth. From these hub locations, services are then provided at spoke locations as far north as Aberdeen and as far south as Plymouth; 
As far east as Coryton and as far west as Pembroke.